2018: IBA By The Numbers

2018: IBA By The Numbers

Honoring the work we’ve done over 50 years made for an impactful year, but so did the work we do everyday. All of our programs continued to serve our community as diligently as they have for the past half century, and we’re proud to look back at 2018 with you.

  • Over 900 people attended IBA’s programming, a 13% increase from 2017. From arts to financial empowerment, we’re proud to support our community in such a big way.
  • Our Resident Services Program coordinated 1,614 cases, managed by our staff in 2018, which was a 46% increase from last year.
  • The monthly average of attendees for our College and Financial Empowerment programming jumped 140%. With over 366 participants, we love seeing people take advantage of all our programs have to offer.
  • For our arts program, we welcomed 158 Latinx artists, including 130 performing artists and 28 visual artists. We held 33 events, from art exhibits to dance and musical performances, celebrating Latinx culture and art.
  • Our outstanding youth and afterschool program had 229 participants this year, who organized and executed 9 courses, as well as 25 recreational events.
  • Our preschool program was at 73% capacity with 28 preschool grads.

It’s important to us that our programs are serving our community in ways they need, and these numbers motivate us to keep going. We aim to create programming that empowers residents from day one, starting with our Preschool, all the way to the senior citizen assistance provided by Resident Services.

We are also incredibly proud of the fundraising we have done over the past year, including all of our efforts from the 50th anniversary celebrations. From raising $440,434 for the anniversary, to receiving 70% of the grants we submitted for consideration, we hope to continue the work we have done.

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