2020 | A Year of Perfect Vision

2020 | A Year of Perfect Vision

With 2020 in full swing, we sat down with IBA’s Chief Operating Officer, Mayra I. Negrón-Roche to learn more about IBA’s goals for the year.

Can you share IBA’s 2020 goals?

As we enter into 2020 with a year of perfect vision, our focus will be on points of accountability in all we do at IBA to achieve our intended impact and theory of change in our community and for the families we serve. We are equipped to support all of the functions of the organization, including having a strong leadership team and committed personnel to successfully achieve our goals for this year and years to come.

We are looking at tangible points of accountabilities in every single component of the organization, including Fundraising, Capital Campaign, Housing & Economic Stability, Education, Health and Wellness and Civic Engagement and Leadership.

How were these goals created? Who was involved?

We created the goals based on the organizational and community needs. We spent long hours in meetings and planning with the Executive Team (composed of Program Directors and Senior Staff) to create points of accountability to keep us focused on the goals. These points of accountability don’t come in a vacuum. Therefore, we have metrics for each one of these points of accountability to ensure that we can measure our success and impact throughout the year.

Did IBA hit its 2019 goals?

Overall, we accomplished most of our 2019 goals and adjusted accordingly on areas of improvement to guide our goal setting for 2020. Last year, we reached nearly 1,000 individuals, which was an 11% increase from 2018. And, despite the closing of Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, we had over 4,000 participants at our arts events.

Are there any areas of support you envision IBA needing to achieve the 2020 goals?

In addition, we continue to strengthen our systems and processes to increase efficiency, we need to achieve fundraising goals to support programs. Last year, among many efforts we hired a Chief Development Officer and Grant Writer to support our fundraising and capital campaigns which are key areas of focus for this and future years. We are also paying close attention to our residential and nonresidential real estate projects that are crucial for our residents and our community.

How can community members be more involved?

We have a Community Ambassador program under IBA’s Resident Services Program. Serving as an Ambassador will give an opportunity to our residents to be further involved in IBA’s work. Also, we have other programs such as Community Investment Tax Credit where donors could receive a 50% tax credit for their donation! We additionally welcome everyone interested in CITC to inquire about this great opportunity.

To learn more about the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC), click here.

What is your personal hope or vision for IBA in 2020 and beyond?

My personal goal and vision for IBA is to continue my commitment to this wonderful organization for the benefit of our people, our residents, our low-income Latino families and our program participants. It is through our quality programming, affordable housing, and cultural arts events that we, as an organization, are able to have a great impact on our community and beyond. That is why I truly love what I do and am grateful to be part of this amazing organization.

Fun Facts About Mayra: Her father was the town Mayor where she grew up in Puerto Rico. She is a proud (and strong) Cancer survivor!