Behind the Scenes | Janice Nevarez

Behind the Scenes | Janice Nevarez

When it comes to ensuring that everything operates smoothly at IBA, Janice Nevarez makes it happen. As the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, all requests, questions, phone calls, and emails usually come through her first. She’s been with IBA since 2017 and works closely with the facilities manager to get maintenance requests taken care of and to schedule necessary walkthroughs. But, her work behind the scenes doesn't end there. She splits her time, 2 days a week doing administrative work and the other days helping the IBA preschool by setting up tours, handling email inquiries, answering phones, and overseeing the background checks for their staff.

“I love the IBA’s mission. Before I applied to work here, I had never heard of this organization before. But, their mission and what they’ve been able to accomplish is absolutely beautiful. The residents are so well taken care of, they are truly lucky. It makes me very proud to work here, at IBA, and to be able to give back to the community in so many different ways,” Janice explains.

When she’s not running Operations at IBA, she spends her time with her two active boys. With an eye to the future and a degree in Criminal Justice, Janice hopes one day to fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney.