Dr. Nancy Levy-Konesky, a friend of IBA’s community

Dr. Nancy Levy-Konesky, a friend of IBA’s community

Through the end of 2020, as part of our Season of Gratitude celebration, we’ll be highlighting some of IBA’s dedicated supporters who help make our work possible.

Today we’re highlighting Dr. Nancy Levy-Konesky, a friend of IBA’s community for over 40 years!

Nancy has taught Spanish language and Hispanic culture and literature at the university level for over 30 years, and is a senior lecturer at Tufts University, where she has been for the past 16 years. She first learned of IBA’s community when trying to find a place for her students to volunteer and be able to practice their Spanish outside the classroom. She has been a fan of IBA ever since!

“I first visited Villa Victoria and learned of IBA during a video shoot with Pablo José Correa, the producer/host of Boston’s Channel 4 TV program, “Nosotros”. Pablo was very proud of his Puerto Rican heritage, and generously shared his culture and traditions with me. I was fascinated with this hidden jewel nestled in the heart of the South End. Sitting in Plaza Betances that first time, hearing passers-by charlando en español, smelling the aroma of arroz con habichuelas, tostones and alcapurrias wafting from surrounding casitas, I really felt like we were in un típico pueblo puertorriqueño.

From then on, I was a frequent visitor to this unique neighborhood and a supporter of IBA. My students continue to intern there, I attend art exhibits and concerts sponsored by IBA, and I continue spread the word of Festival Betances to many friends and colleagues.

With the arrival of Vanessa Calderón, CEO of IBA, came major positive changes. I am so impressed by all that she and the IBA community have achieved, creating programs that meet the ever-changing needs of the Villa Victoria residents, expanding access to affordable housing, and providing much needed food security and medical attention.”

Not only has Nancy taught Spanish for years, she also has a history in broadcast television, and has authored many Spanish language and Hispanic culture and literature textbooks, producing the videos that accompany them. She has interviewed many Hispanic artists, athletes, authors and politicians such as David Ortiz, Juan Luis Guerra, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Pedro Martínez, Isabel Allende, Alberto Gonzales, Senator Ruben Berríos, and more.

We’re grateful for support from friends of our community like Nancy, who help ensure that we keep our community vibrant and thriving. Supporters like Nancy are even more important as we deal with challenges like COVID-19.

Join Nancy in supporting IBA at: IBA’s Season of Gratitude is a chance for IBA to thank many of the organizations and people who support our community throughout the year. Check back throughout December to learn more about friends of our community.