Empowering Our Residents To Thrive

Empowering Our Residents To Thrive

IBA’s Resident Services Program (RSP) supports IBA’s affordable housing community residents in achieving long-term stability and independence. Together with our partner organizations and community resources, we provide a wide range of programming such as case coordination, health and wellness, social and recreational and self-sufficiency services to empower residents to achieve their personal goals and engage them in the community.

"During the pandemic they gave us food since we could not go out to buy anything, they gave gifts to the children for Three Kings Day, and when everyone was looking for masks and hand sanitizer, they gave it to us. Their service is always very good and they are attentive to what the residents need."

[Sandra Santana, resident at Villa Victoria]

RSP serves the over 1,160 residents who live in IBA’s affordable housing communities. A primary focus of RSP is housing stability. Having access to affordable, safe, and dependable housing directly impacts a family's stability. If you have no place to live, survival is your principal focus. But when your home base is stable, you can focus on health, education, and the development of your overall potential.

“I am very grateful. I have a new, nice place where everything works. I feel safe living here and everything is excellent”.

[Samira del Carmen Seguie Peralta, Resident at West Newton]

Besides housing, RSP offers many other services that all aim to improve the quality life of our residents and their families. Some of these services are:

  • Case Coordination
    • Legal support

    • Translations

    • Referrals

  • Access to Healthy Food
    • Discount vouchers

    • Weekly market truck

    • Food delivery

  • Health and Wellness Services
    • Wellness fairs

    • Wellness conferences

    • Group exercise

  • Financial and Computer Literacy Programs
    • Credit score workshops

    • Digital equity workshops

    • Create Individual Plans for financial stability

  • Arts and Crafts for Community Building and Connection
    • Painting

    • Papier maché

    • Stained glass

    • Music

  • Community Activities
    • Family Day

    • Block cleanups

    • Holiday celebrations

    • Community Birthdays

    • Cultural Celebration

"One of the services that IBA helps me with the most is translations. I don't speak English and whenever I have to fill out a form to ask for something there is always someone to help me, I have never received ‘no’ for an answer".

[Isaura Gómez, resident at Villa Victoria]

All these services are invaluable and wouldn’t be possible without your support. A community of empowered, healthy and motivated residents creates a better environment for everyone and is the basis for a thriving neighborhood, city, and country. If you can, please consider donating to our programs to help improve the lives of those who need our support.