Family: an irrefutable influence.

Family: an irrefutable influence.

Our Youth Development Program fosters socio-emotional, intellectual, and artistic growth in young people as it provides academic support, job readiness, arts education, leadership training, civic engagement, and advocacy opportunities. The talent these young people have is unlimited and their commitment to embracing who they want to become unparalleled.

Below, we share with all of you some editorial pieces written as part of one of the workshops held by our program. The result is nothing less than moving and eye-opening, showing off the strength this future generation holds inside.

  • Jonathan Nevarez - Famly’s History

Puerto Rican Heritage is a clash of Muiputy cultures.

(My Land Vs My Reality)

Our History ties as high as our mountain and as low as our oceans

My father built his own house and made it home

But my family seeked better opportunities

More Money, More stability, More chances

They believe it was possible to break chains

My father my mother

Were not to blame for the struggles that came

From their sacrificesI gain independence, chances, freedom to do what I want

But not really these are just thoughts

Drilled into foreigners drilled into young kids like i once was

Growing allowed me to see the truth behind my reality

The reality in which keeps repeating

I will use the values my family has taught me

To break this endless of occurring reality

The last hope into turning my reality

Into their values

  • Gianni - Silent struggles

“Who am I?” Is a question I ask myself everyday

The price of being bi-racial and never belonging to a single side

Its having the complexion and hair of one race

But being surrounded by the language of another.

My Grandmother embarked on a journey

With my mother and her brothers

From Puerto Rico.

But never forgetting to water her spiritual roots

Or the stories and lessons that are told from our culture

The personalities of each individual in my family

Perfectly mixing together like the ingredients of Sofrito.

And My bitter sweet personality

stemming from a southern pecan pie.

The answer to this question could be found throughout my writing

Or maybe not

  • Sahgine - Who I am

I'm Sahgine and I come from a haitian household that helped build up who I am

Not speaking up has been ingrained in me.

Covering up my feelings with a smile

Feeling alone and out of place

Where do I belong?

Coming from a haitian household made me this way.

The closed doors shield the truth behind me

I care even when I don’t want too

The heart of one can only hold in so much.

High pride and closed eyes so nothing gets in my way.

Isolating myself keeps me defined and confined from the world around me.

Is being alone what’s best for me?

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