Festival Betances through the years

Festival Betances through the years

Starting over 40 years ago, Festival Betances is New England's oldest and longest-running Latino music and cultural celebration. Back when it started and up until 2019—before the Covid-19 pandemic—the festival is a three-day celebration of the arts. It began on Friday with a parade marching through the streets of Villa Victoria. The parade ended in Plaza Betances, where for the next three days, live music, dance, artisans, delicious Puerto Rican food and activities for all ages would fill the South End with enough energy to last through the following year.
In 2020 and 2021, due to a strict lockdown because of the health crisis and to keep our community safe, this summer festival had to be streamed online, but not only did that not stop everyone from enjoying great artists in a 2-hour show, it allowed people from all over the world to enjoy this local event.
We decided to recap some of the amazing performers that have joined us throughout the years. Here’s a list we’re sure you will enjoy as you remember all these great concerts.


José Liriano y su orquesta

Heriberto y su sacco

Irving Cancel y la Union Latina

Orquesta Chevere


Andres Jimenez

Pedro Arroyo y su orquesta

Primi Cruz

Los Pleneros de la 21


Maelo Ruiz and Luisito Carrion

Adalberto Santiago and Ray de la Paz

Anthony Cruz

Tito Rojas


Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Jesus Pagan y su Orquesta

8 y Mas

Melina Leon


Pleneros de Severo

Andrés Jimenez El jíbaro


Yuba Iré

Oscar Sánchez

Now that 2022 is around the corner, and thanks to the diligent efforts of all Boston residents with regards to vaccination, we can happily announce that we will once again celebrate Festival Betances live and in person. We cannot wait to share with you all the amazing surprises we have in mind.

See you in Plaza Betances in 2022. ¡Wepa!

If you’re interested in a corporate sponsorship for next year’s Festival Betances, please reach out to Linnette Speel at