Getting Men Under Control

Getting Men Under Control

Youth are the future of our communities, therefore we are committed to giving them the opportunities they need to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. Our Youth Development Program gives them the necessary support and tools to initiate a change and speak their minds in a proactive way. This series of editorial pieces featured in the next couple of weeks, are the result of months of work from these young adult independent minds ready to take action and eager to be heard.

*The views and opinions expressed in the following piece are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IBA.

By Ana M., Inezia H.F, Yogeidi M.

It’s very common for women to use birth control and other contraceptive methods as a way of preventing pregnancy. It’s also very common for men to use condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but what about men on birth control? Many people have speculations about the making of birth control for men and this has sparked much controversy.

When a woman is pregnant she carries her baby for 9 months while a man can impregnate as many women as he wants within the same week! A man can produce 8 billion sperm cells in one cycle compared to women who only have 300,000 eggs by puberty and only 300-400 are ovulated. Who really needs birth control?

Recent studies have shown that there is a possibility of creating birth control for men, but it has been postponed due to “the controversy”. A testosterone shot for men has been denied from the public because it has side effects ( acne, mood changes, etc ). These are side effects that women have experienced for years! What does that say about how society treats women?

Society must truly think less of women because they have released all types of birth control for them: pills, shots, rings, implants; all with their own set of unpleasant side effects. But now, as a society, we are more concerned about men’s health?

There have been 3 forms of birth control developed for men. There is a pill that is similar to what women take that reduces men's levels of testosterone and certain hormones in their blood that reduces sperm. Another form of birth control for men is a gel that is injected in the vas area. This can last years and can be very easily reversible. The third form is a testosterone shot . Despite the shot being 99% effective it was decided not to release it.

In conclusion, none of the birth controls for men have yet to be accepted because of “all” the side effects, but women have been forced to experience the same thing and worse since birth control was invented. Our society at large has been dragging this medical advancement for far too long and they should be released, men need to be held equally accountable for the prevention of pregnancies!


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