For the past 40 years, IBA has proudly been part of the preschool education of many children in the South End of Boston.

The pandemic impacted everyone’s lives, but especially our children’s, who could no longer attend school or see their friends or their teachers in person. Despite these challenges, our preschool made sure that students continued to learn while staying safe. They even found a way for children to participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments.

We had a chance to talk with Carmen García, the mother of one of our students who graduated this year, to ask her about her experience.

What’s your child’s name and how old is he?

My son is Adrian and he’s 4 years old.

How long has he been part of IBA Preschool?

He started school there last year, February 2019.

What do you think are the benefits of a multicultural preschool education?

I like that they speak Spanish and he does not lose his Hispanic Culture. He can learn words, colors, numbers in English and in Spanish and they teach him what kind of food Hispanics eat compared to those in other countries. I like that here at home he can hear us speaking Spanish but can also use that language at school without feeling strange. There are children who feel strange when speaking their language or representing their country in other places.

I love that IBA has always made everyone feel welcome at school.

How did you hear about IBA’s Preschool?

A friend of mine had her daughter enrolled at the school and she told me about the program and that they were Hispanic. She told me a lot of good things about IBA and that's why we decided to enroll him as well.

What do you like the most about IBA’s Preschool?

I like that they learn a lot. He gets everything they teach in Spanish and what they teach in English, he really learns a lot. There are people who say that teaching children in Spanish is not important, but it is, and we see it every day. Even as adults, when we are at work it’s very important to speak both languages ​​and learn everything in both languages.

I love that the teachers are Hispanic too, they are loving and caring but can also be strict too, that way children learn how to get along and how to treat each other with respect.

I like many things about IBA, it is difficult to choose, but I love that my child is always learning something, always, that being colors, food or how to get along with his friends.

What has been the biggest impact of IBA on your son? Have you seen any progress?

I think having my kid attending IBA Preschool has helped me feel at ease, because when I go to work I know that he is in a school where they love him, they will take care of him, they will respect him and he will have fun too. I can go to work and leave him in good hands. I am not worried that he will not eat, that they will not change him if he has an accident, the teachers are so loving, I know they will do everything they can to make the children happy. That, for every working mother, is the most important. Have your child safe and happy.

How was the adaptation process for you and your son when school went virtual?

It was very difficult for our family at the beginning because we were working, I also study, and I have a girl who is 7 years old. We also had to move at that time, and it was really very very difficult.

I feel like Adrian lost connection with his peers because they couldn't play or see each other. That was very hard for him. He really misses being with other kids and with his teachers.

As much as we’d like to, we, parents, do not have the time to be as focused on learning as their teachers. They called every week, they worked with the kids, they stayed connected and I appreciate that they were always concerned for all of us.

Would you recommend this program to other parents? Why?

I’d recommend this program to all parents. As I said before, I always felt safe and calm leaving my son there. When I would go pick him up, he’d never wanted to leave. He wanted to keep playing with the other kids, they were always busy, and the teachers are so wonderful, they are so kind and they really love their students, they are their whole life.

There are many things IBA has done for us and to this day we still have communication with them. We are now the ones reaching out to see how they are doing while they also call to see how Adrian is. We are all one big family.

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