IBA’s Preschool is Growing!

IBA’s Preschool is Growing!

For years, IBA’s Preschool has welcomed students from its community, giving them and their families the support they need to achieve a successful academic future.

Currently, the Preschool has the capacity to educate 30 students, but each year the demand for spaces in IBA’s high-quality, culturally-relevant bilingual education has grown from our community and beyond. In response, IBA will significantly increase the number of children who can participate in our program to 80!

Thanks to the generous support from the Franklin Square House Foundation, we are able to expand and upgrade our current preschool space from 1 to 5 classrooms. The four new classrooms will accommodate an additional 20 students each. The construction is already underway and will be completed in time for the beginning of the new school year.

This expansion will benefit children and their families in IBA’s affordable housing community, as well as those from the surrounding neighborhoods . In addition to the new classrooms, renovations will include a full kitchen where nutritious, homemade meals will be prepared for the students and preschoolers will get to participate in multicultural experiences and basic math skills through food and cooking. Other improvements include new parking and an accessible driveway to make drop-off easier for parents and caregivers.

The increase of space and students, also means IBA will add five to eight more teachers to the Preschool staff.

“We really appreciate the role of everyone at IBA, especially Ms. Silvestry and Ms. Suleidy, in helping [my child] develop and gain social, physical and intellectual skills. Every morning, she has always been excited to go to IBA.

It has been a pleasure for her and us to be associated with IBA!”

  • Additri, Rupali and Varun

“[My child] Justice is doing phenomenal, her teachers are working with her on learning how to read, while all the other kids are doing what she has already accomplished at the IBA Preschool.”

  • Ashley Kornegay

If you wish your child to join IBA’s Preschool and start Pre-K with amazing academic promise, please reach out today at (617) 927-1740 or to schedule a tour. We look forward to welcoming you!