IBA’s Preschool is Open!

IBA’s Preschool is Open!

We are thrilled that IBA’s Preschool was able to welcome students back on July 6th. We have put comprehensive measures in place in response to COVID-19. Learn more below about what our educators and administrators are doing to keep our students, families, and staff safe.

Screenings of staff, parents/guardians, and children before they enter the building.

  • All parents/guardians are asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions before their child is allowed to enter the building. These questions assess whether the parent/guardian or child have experienced symptoms that could suggest COVID-19 or if have been exposed to the illness. Screenings take place at least 6 feet away from entrance to the building.
  • These screening questions are also asked of staff before they report to work each morning.
  • Preschool staff also complete visual checks of children to ensure they do not show any symptoms of COVID-19 or develop symptoms throughout the day.
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that a child develops a fever or becomes symptomatic during the program day, the child will be given a place to rest away from other children until their parent or guardian is able to pick them up.

A focus on hygiene

  • All staff and children are wearing masks while at the preschool.
  • The Preschool is operating at a lower capacity and is keeping children in groups of 10 with 2 teachers. This helps increase physical distancing between different groups of children.
  • During times when masks are unable to be worn (meals, naps, etc.), all children will be placed 6 feet apart
  • Staff are ensuring children wash their hands throughout the day with proper technique
  • Educators are following an increased cleaning schedule which includes cleaning and disinfecting toys, play equipment, play surfaces, play tables, and shelving units regularly throughout the day. Floors will be cleaned and disinfected daily, at the end of each program day and if children are changing play areas.

Safety first while playing

  • We are providing each child with their own box of markers, crayons and playdough for their use only, to avoid any cross-contamination.
  • We have removed any toys from use that are more difficult to clean, like stuffed animals, cloth costumes and dress up toys.
  • Children will play in one designated interest area during the day and will have the opportunity to play in another interest area the following day. This practice allows us to control the spread of infection by increasing social distancing and reducing the number of times we must clean each area and the toys in that area, giving teachers more time for engaging with children

This is just an overview of what we’re doing to make sure that we support children, families, and staff during these challenging times. Our reopening and operating procedures follow and have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

To learn more about our procedures or to ask additional questions about our Preschool, please contact Janice Nevarez, Operations Coordinator, at or (617) 535-1753.