IBA’s Resident Services Program is at the heart of IBA’s work. It is our mission to help the seniors of Villa Victoria by promoting activities that encourage them to stay active, help them stay connected to the community, and make accessing healthy food possible for those on a limited income.

Gloria Smothers has been part of this community for many years and she shared with us her favorite aspects of living in our community and making use of our program.

Gloria for how long have you been a resident of Villa Victoria?

I’ve been a resident here for 10 years.

What’s the best part of living here?

The people that live here, I’ve met a lot of people here. Even though I don’t speak Spanish fluently I still communicate fine with everybody and I’m always having fun.

What do you think about the Resident Services Program?

Resident Services has a lot of things going on. Bingo, via zoom due to the pandemic, community lunches, all kinds of resident stuff I’m taking and always having fun.

What impact has this program had in your life?

I was able to go shopping for food, thanks to Ms. Karina, to the Tropical Market. That was wonderful! You guys always deliver fresh vegetables and different stuff, and I appreciate that because it comes in handy especially when I’m not on buses and getting out that much. I love the music series in the plaza. The virtual festival was good, and I enjoyed the Noche Bohemia that Resident Services and IBA put on in the Plaza. I love Zumba classes, although, since the pandemic started, I only took one of those classes online.

Would you recommend the Resident Services Program to other residents of Villa Victoria?

Of course! I wish more people would participate and stay as regulars. When I talk to people and to my neighbors, I’m always inviting people to something. I know some people who have come to your workshops, like the one you did about the mosaics. I always tell people who may not know about these things or may think they won’t have fun because it’s all in Spanish. Well, I tell them that’s not true and I’m a real example of that. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you always find someone to interpret for you.

For more information about the Resident Services Program, or to donate and help us continue to support our residents, visit, or contact our Resident Services Director Yahaira Objio, at (617) 535-1706.