International Flavors from Boston Chefs

International Flavors from Boston Chefs

An all-star lineup of Boston-area chefs awaits attendees of our 50th anniversary gala! Chef Rodney Murillo of Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse and Chef Jose Duarte of Taranta will be co-chairs, bringing their signature blend of Caribbean and Italian cuisines. Although our chefs are all Boston-based, their food is inspired by cultures from around the world. With a focus on Latinx food, our chefs bring flavors from Korea, the Middle East, and even the American South to create an incredible culinary experience. Join us, and all these amazing chefs, at out 50th anniversary gala, here.

Chef Rodney Murillo quickly rose through the ranks from the Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse kitchen to Culinary Director and Vice President, overseeing all of the Davio’s kitchens, eventually being invited to cook at the prestigious James Beard house.

Chef Jose Duarte settled in Boston, then opened Taranta in Boston’s historic North End. Taranta earned rave reviews with a menu that marries Italian and Peruvian cuisine, using unique Peruvian ingredients and traditional Italian techniques.

In June of 2012, Chef Brian Poe opened The Tip Tap Room as the chef/owner here in Boston. With a nod to his Southern heritage, his food reflects his time spent across the country.

Chef Daniel Bojorquez’ current restaurant, La Brasa, combines culinary traditions of Mexico, Peru and the Middle East, to create dishes that feel at once exotic and wholly comforting.

Chef David Bazirgan returned to the east coast in the summer of 2016 to take on the role of executive chef at Bambara Kitchen & Bar in Kimpton Hotels’ Hotel Marlowe creating inventive, Mediterranean-influenced takes on classic bistro fare.

Chopped champion Chef Tatiana Rosana is inspired by her wife’s Korean heritage, her own Cuban background, French training and New England experience in the Outlook Kitchen and Bar at the Envoy Hotel.

Chef Nicholas Calias brings nearly twenty years of culinary experience, passion, and plenty of creative and artistic talent to his role of Executive Chef at The Colonnade Hotel where he continues to develop and enhance the culinary offerings at the Back Bay hotel and restaurant.

Hector and Nivia Pina have been working in the restaurant industry for 25 years, and now with Doña Habana, their three restaurants cover the cuisines of the three major islands in the Caribbean.

In 2008, Alberto Cabré and Angelina Jockovich, owners and founders of Casa B Tapas, developed ideas through their personal chef catering business and created a test kitchen. They refined recipes and established the ambiance and atmosphere that reminded them of their Caribbean homes to create Casa B Tapas.

Chef Giovanna Huyke is an international culinary leader, known as the “Julia Child of Puerto Rico.” She is widely credited with leading the transformation of Puerto Rican cuisine, blending the use of local ingredients with traditional cooking methods, and revolutionizing the trend toward healthier cooking without sacrificing flavor.

Husband and wife team Dora Tavel-Sanchez Luz and Gabriel Sanchez Luz have over thirty-five years of restaurant experience around the country. Their Needham farm-to-table restaurant, The Farmhouse, focuses on hand-crafted cocktails and clean flavors of local, organic, contemporary American cuisine.

Chef Danny Garcia is the owner of Eva’s Pastries Inc., an authentic Greek and Dominican inspired pastry shop. As a Dominican chef raised in America, with a French culinary education and influences from Peru and Greece, he brings an array of cultures, styles, and flavors to the table.

Fernando Desa is the executive chef and product development manager for Goya Foods, America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company. Capturing traditional tastes and cooking methods, Chef Desa works to retain flavors that epitomize Latin American cuisine while incorporating new techniques that can be easily duplicated by every-day chefs.

When Alex Pineda was just 7 years old, his mother, the legendary chef Lydia Shire, gave him a surprising Christmas present: a big, sharp kitchen knife. Today he uses that knife, and everything he’s learned since, in his new position as Culinary Director of Gourmet Caterers.

We’re excited and grateful to welcome all of these spectacular chefs to our gala, and we hope you are too! Gala tickets are still available here.