Mila: A voice filled with stories LIVE on March 10

Mila: A voice filled with stories LIVE on March 10

March is Women’s History Month and a time to celebrate the contributions women have made throughout history. IBA recognizes the specific achievements of Latinx women in a variety of fields, including music.

IBA will live stream two virtual concerts led by talented Puerto Rican women from the Island. The first concert will be held on Thursday, Mar 10, 2022. Featuring singer/songwriter MILA, it will be dedicated to the Boricua diaspora.

Leaving the homeland is not always easy. Often, it is our memories that help us keep moving forward and fighting for the life we aspire.

MILA graduated from the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Since then, she has played her guitar and created songs whose lyrics are sheer poetry. She is an independent artist creating a unique mix of Latin American folklore, pop, new trova, and other genres. MILA has released her singles while at the same time collaborating with artists like Andrea Cruz, Klaro de Luna, Nicole Yessira, and Abraham Dorta.

Independent artists are not backed by record labels, making it challenging to produce and make their music available to the public. IBA supports these young, talented artists to help them achieve their dreams and to bring a bit of the Island to our community and Greater Boston. This kind of support can be life changing.

You can join IBA in helping Latinx artists by supporting our Arts Program.

All of our concerts and events are made possible through your donations.

Let’s keep the music playing for many more years to come!