"My kids have been exposed to every culture"

"My kids have been exposed to every culture"

A successful transition to elementary school has always been the priority of IBA’s Preschool Program. With the big responsibility of having these children’s futures in our hands, we work hard to provide them with all the tools they need for a strong academic start.

Daliza Nova’s daughter graduated from our Preschool Program last year, and she wanted to share with us and our readers why she chose IBA’s Preschool for her children’s early education.

Why did you enroll your daughter in IBA’s Preschool?

It’s amazing. It's definitely priceless, especially as a first-generation student, it’s very important for me to make sure my children do well in Spanish in the household. We exclusively speak Spanish at home, and when having to make the decision of my daughter going to school, it was really important for us to find a place that would give her the cultural values that we want at home, also outside of it.

How did you first hear about IBA’s Preschool?

I first heard about it through a friend whose kids also went to this Preschool. We were in the same situation: wasn’t born here, came young and had young children as well as looking for very similar values.

What’s the best thing thePreschool has taught your child?

My kids have been exposed to every culture, ethnicity, and race, and I love the fact that they all speak Spanish and English.This is what the world will look like more and more.

What’s your favorite part of IBA’s Preschool?

The fact that it’s mostly Latin American women looking after my kids. Very reminiscent of their grandmas, their aunts. I’ve never felt like I was leaving them with strangers.

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