New Arts Program Director: JuanCarlos González

New Arts Program Director: JuanCarlos González

In 2019 alone, IBA-sponsored arts and cultural events drew in diverse crowds in the thousands. From hosting renowned art exhibits at La Galeria, to offering interactive artist talks at the MFA, to the annual Festival Betances, Bostonians always have an IBA arts event to choose from. And, with the addition of JuanCarlos González as the Arts Program Director, the events calendar for 2020 is set to be one of the best and most diverse ever.

In his new role, JuanCarlos will work to secure new artists, schedule performances, and work with the greater Latino community to find innovative ways to increase their exposure to the arts. As a native Puerto Rican, being able to work with IBA and help expand their mission not just to the local community, but abroad, is an ideal partnership.

“I know what it is like to come from impoverished areas and have limited resources in terms of being able to explore more than what is in your immediate surroundings. When I met the executive team and learned more about IBA’s mission, I knew that this was the place I needed to be,” JuanCarlos explains in a recent interview after accepting the Arts Program Director position.

“IBA has a powerful synergy in the community and I wanted to join that effort and help to skyrocket IBA’s impact. Being aware of the arts is not something that is just for ‘fancy people’, but I want all Bostonians to be able to embrace our diverse culture and use it as a way to step outside of the box and be open to exploring new things, new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and consider what is really possible.”

When asked where he sees IBA in 10 years, JuanCarlos was confident in his response, “I want to take IBA all over the world.” As an avid marathon runner and traveller in his own right, JuanCarlos hopes to take a little bit of IBA with him everywhere he goes to inspire others to give back to their local communities and use art as a platform for sparking change.

With the 2020 Arts Program Calendar expected out in early January, keep an eye out for the host of new events JuanCarlos and his team has planned.

JuanCarlos González Bio

JuanCarlos is the founder of JC Consulting, which specializes in renovation, relocation, and exclusive private events. With many years in the business, he has an impressive portfolio of high-end clientele including celebrities, C-Suite executives, and athletes. He is an expert in overseeing large renovations, managing domestic and international relocations, and executing charity galas and private events.

JuanCarlos began his 14-year project management career in the pharmaceutical industry at AstraZeneca, where he held a number of senior-level roles in both biotech and pharma, most recently in domestic and international external vendor compliance as a Senior Compliance Auditor at Vertex Pharmaceutical.

In this position, he quickly earned a reputation for having uncompromising attention to detail, especially in the management of third parties and vendors. His years of corporate management and procurement experience are now effectively applied as the go-to person for projects that simply must get done, on time and on budget.

JuanCarlos is devoted to making his community a better place, and is active in the Boston art scene. Among his non-profit volunteer endeavors, he has sat on the host committees for both the 2016 Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Summer Gala and the 2016 Boston Center for the Arts Summer Ball. Following these successes, JuanCarlos then joined the Boston Center for the Arts as a Co-Chair for the 2017 Summer Ball and most recently as a Board Member. When he is not lending his expertise to planning high profile arts events, you can find him running marathons, having run 11 marathons thus far, including Boston 6 times. JuanCarlos lives in South End, Boston with his husband, Greg, and their Labrador, Popo.