Now is the Best Time to be a Dad

Now is the Best Time to be a Dad

In our culture being a father represents guarding and maintaining the values that keep our families together. A father figure is an example of nobility, respect, strength, kindness, and honor. Fathers teach our children the importance of taking care of one another and providing for their families.

During Father’s Day we wanted to highlight the role that fathers play in our community. They are a symbol of integrity and pillars that keep us together. Throughout most of our history, fathers have been the ones to venture into a new world in search of a better life for their families.

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Many came here first, with one goal in mind: to work and eventually be able to settle the rest of their families in a comfortable living environment. But, it goes beyond immediate family. Our fathers are caretakers and protectors of our families and even other families when they assume the role of godfathers.

This way they maintain our tradition of high family values. As Latinos, family always comes first, and our dads prove it to us every day.

It is also true that past generations focused on being strong providers for their families, but some claim that today is the best time to be a dad. The surge of women in the workforce has caused a greater balance in home responsibilities and fathers today are very active participants in their children’s lives. The fathers in our community today still provide for their families, but they are also raising their children right along with their mothers.

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Multiple studies have shown that children need strong paternal figures in their lives and although sometimes circumstances can cause for one of the parents to be missing, a father figure does not have to be biological parent. A father figure could be found in a grandfather, an uncle, or even a close friend.

So, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all fathers for setting a good example, for guiding their children with love, providing advice, and offering their unwavering presence.

Let us celebrate fathers on Father’s Day and every day!