Our Planet Deserves A Future

Our Planet Deserves A Future

Youth are the future of our communities, therefore we are committed to giving them the opportunities they need to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. Our Youth Development Program gives them the necessary support and tools to initiate a change and speak their minds in a proactive way. This series of editorial pieces featured in the next couple of weeks, are the result of months of work from these young adult independent minds ready to take action and eager to be heard.

*The views and opinions expressed in the following piece are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IBA.

By Nameka D., Annika S., Aidalitzy H., Isaiah A., William L.

Global Warming and Climate change are two issues that are intertwined and are both negatively affecting our planet and the people who live here.

Global Warming is by definition, the unusually rapid increase in Earth's average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels.

Global Warming which is very much connected to climate change has been caused by human activity. Climate Change is essentially the result of global warming, it includes the “warming” part along with the effects of the “warming.” Things like melting polar ice caps and the rises in sea level can be considered as some of the effects of it. Climate change issues need to be taken seriously and changes need to be made to our ways of life in order for us to survive the consequences of our actions.

With the older generations seeming to think that these issues do not matter, it is up to us to make a change and make the world a better place. Disasters like floods and forest fires have been known to displace people and their families which have and can put them in bad positions and situations. Loss of homes, businesses, and ways of life. Increased rainfall and the lack of rainfall in places can cause these disasters and the effects can be devastating. The use of fossil fuels, the amount of pollution along with the lack of action have all contributed to Global Warming, and its continued negative effects on the planet. There have been rises in sea level which can be disastrous for places closer to the ocean or bodies of water.

Dryer places like California can be more susceptible to droughts and forest fires because of the lack of water. Both plastic and air pollution are harming the earth and human beings at the same time. There are all of these problems and it seems like there is no time to fix them.

With people like Donald Trump saying that “it’ll get colder later” in response to being informed about these issues, it feels as though the people who can have the power to make changes, will not do so. As the older generations continue to think that way, they won't feel the repercussions as much as younger generations. Younger generations have barely lived and we have so much work ahead of us. We are too young to feel like we are running out of time.

We need to make a change and have the opportunity to make a difference but we are not being allowed to do so. We are frustrated, scared, sad, angry, disappointed, nervous, and frustrated amongst so many other things.

The smallest changes in everyday life like recycling, using fewer technology, buying products with less packaging, and speaking out about the issue. Humans are in control of what happens to us, let it be known that things have to begin to change or our future can become more harmful.

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