Power to the People: Video Recap

Power to the People: Video Recap

In April 2018, we invited Bostonians to learn more about how an unlikely group of activists who rallied against local government to avoid being pushed out of their homes. We were humbled by the sheer number of people who came out to this event to share their connection to IBA and our community. As the cost of living in Boston rises, we believe it is important than ever to understand why we must preserve affordable housing.

Our distinguished panelists included:

Victor Feliciano, IBA Founder, one of the original brothers who helped the Inquilinos organize against the city to preserve the community we have today.

John Sharratt, the architect who designed Villa Victoria to ensure safe, high quality housing for our residents with structures that reflect our Puerto Rican heritage.

Paul S. Grogan, President and CEO of the Boston Foundation, which is one of the nation’s oldest and largest community foundations. The Foundation was instrumental in supporting IBA’s birth and continues to aid its growth.

Carmen Lennon, current IBA Board Member and Former resident of Villa Victoria

We were pleased that many, many audience members felt compelled to tell their own stories. While many of their accounts reflected the past, several people looked towards the future.

“It’s so important that younger people understand that none of this happens overnight,” one man urged, touching on IBA Founder Victor Feliciano’s notion that IBA was born out of a long struggle for rights.

At the program’s close, current IBA Arts Program Director Elsa Mosquera remarked, “I feel humbled, I feel honored, and I feel a great responsibility to continue your legacy.”

If you could not attend the forum, we hope that this video will give you insight into the heart of the celebration. You can also read more about this event and IBA’s backstory here.