Summer is here so let’s get the party started!

Summer is here so let’s get the party started!

Each year, as summer approaches, IBA gets ready to offer live music for all audiences in and around Boston with Festival Betances and Tito Puente Latin Music Series. Now, with the option of virtual concerts, we have reached an even greater audience, which fills us with joy and the desire to continue bringing more concerts to all of you.

Driven mainly by Latin and Caribbean rhythms, all of these musicians offer their own style while maintaining the roots of salsa, plena, or trova as their main inspiration.

This is what makes these concerts so popular—they bring joy and happy memories to all who listen. When you join and watch these presentations, you will notice how, whether you want to or not, you will soon start moving to the rhythm of the music. It is simply impossible to stay still.

First, join us on July 17th at 7pm for our Festival Betances 2021: En Casa with the wonderful participation of:

YUBA IRÉ: A group of young musicians with an innovative musical style that, although very original, respects the rumba tradition and norms. This project has already become what they define as "a folk workshop", which ranges from rumba in all its variations, to bomba, plena and other Afro-Caribbean rhythms. You don’t want to miss them!

OSCARITO: Renowned composer, writer, producer, and singer of Grupomanía, he has stood out for being one of the most beloved merengue stars in Puerto Rico for his humility as a human being, and for the treatment he offers not only his fans, but everyone he comes across. Do not miss him because he will deliver what will surely be a great time for all.

Then, on July 22nd and 29th at 7 pm we will bring you our second great event of the year, Tito Puente Latin Music series, which is filled with pleasure, presenting:

ABRAHAM DORTA An incredible singer and songwriter. Having been in the musical field since he was 13 years old, Abraham is today a passionate and bohemian guitar player. He masterfully combines his talent with electro-acoustic rhythms that envelop you as soon as you hear them.

AMOR DE JESÚS: A beloved and very talented woman who was undoubtedly born to sing and has prepared a concert that will leave us all vibrating in harmony.

All performances will stream live and FREE on our YouTube channel. Festival Betances on the Festival’s Facebook page and Tito Puente Latin Music Series on our Facebook page. Visit all our social channels and share this event so that no one misses the opportunity to attend these virtual performances.

See you then!

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