Teaching Our Future Leaders

Teaching Our Future Leaders

The team of passionate educators at the IBA Preschool take a personal approach to how they teach and inspire our next generation of leaders to learn. With a mission to nurture creativity and individuality in every child, the IBA Preschool has been touted as one of the Top 21 School Readiness Programs in Massachusetts, with a 100% kindergarten readiness rate. Known for its bilingual education model, students are exposed to both Spanish and English throughout the school day, helping them to master both languages. In addition, the inclusive and warm learning environment fosters social-emotional development, critical thinking, and the bilingual curriculum lays the groundwork for students to acquire early literacy skills well before they graduate from the program.

“IBA Preschool gave my daughter a good foundation. Now that she’s in public school, she’s been moved to higher level classes because her reading skills were higher than other kids. I have to give a lot of credit to the teachers that started her first because they got her on the right track,” explains Jennifer Velasquez, mother of an IBA Preschool graduate.

Every day at the IBA Preschool is filled with age-appropriate and interactive activities in accordance with being a Teaching Strategies Gold and OWL Curriculum institution. From science experiments, to cooking projects, to cultural exploration opportunities, the program is designed to provide a truly 21st-century education.

The benefits of a bilingual education extend well beyond the obvious cognitive advantages. Due to the dual-language learning approach, young students are able to tap into the richness of their home cultures, while also exploring others from around the world.

“I love that the school is bilingual. This has helped my child keep up with Spanish, which is important because we are a bilingual speaking family. I love that she is exposed to both languages at school,” adds Johana Pepin, mother of an IBA preschooler.

In 2018 alone, 96 students from ages 2 to 6 years old were enrolled, with 28 preschoolers graduating in the recent August promotion ceremony.

However, teaching young children is only a portion of what the dedicated staff do to equip our future leaders. Besides the amazing work being done in the classroom, IBA staff also put on parent engagement events throughout the year, including Parent Breakfasts, Family Picnic Days, and Family Lunches.

Enrollment for the IBA Preschool program is currently open. Click here to schedule a tour or to learn more.

The IBA Preschool is made possible by the generous support of our community partners: The Boston Public Library - South End, Cooking Matters, Home for Little Wanderers, JumpStart, and South End Community Health Center.