The Gratitude We Feel at IBA

The Gratitude We Feel at IBA

During the month of November, we want to take the time to reflect on the work we do at IBA, and to express our gratitude for the generous and continued support of our donors. We are grateful for the partnerships and investments of both individual and corporate donations, grants, and supporter fundraising events that allow us to continue to elevate and strengthen our efforts to provide affordable, high-quality housing, as well as extensive residential, arts, educational and financial empowerment programming for our community. The support we receive every day from our donors allows us to carry out our vision of creating a vibrant, healthy community and to also look to the future of IBA and what we can accomplish together.

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we are working hard to ensure that this is not only a recovery period, but an equitable one, in which we create more access and opportunities for affordable housing and homeownership, food security, education, financial tools, and the arts. Our focus on these essential areas wouldn’t be possible without the people who have continued to support our work all along.

We are grateful for our donors and investors that, among other things, have helped us bring to fruition two current real estate projects, which seek to improve the quality and supply of affordable housing within our community, as well as provide a new multi-purpose community arts center and programming hub. Here is an overview of our current projects underway:

  • The West Newton/Rutland Apartments: IBA was selected in 2015 by the Boston Housing Authority as the developer designated to take over ownership of the property. We are rehabilitating 146 units of affordable housing, including 11 units that were previously uninhabitable due to fire damage, and have welcomed new residents into the IBA community. The project will be completed in the spring of next year and will support the West Newton/Rutland residents with all of IBA’s award-winning programs.
  • 85 West Newton Street: We have continued to make major progress on 85 West Newton, the former home of Villa Victoria Center for the Arts. The site will house a new multipurpose community arts center, and IBA’s programs and offices under one roof. The new building will serve the needs of our neighborhood, celebrate the South End in its vibrancy and diversity, honor Puerto Rican heritage, and empower our residents and community at-large. Since we have held our arts and cultural events virtually throughout the pandemic, we are all the more excited for a new space to bring the community together. The project is currently undergoing review by the city.

IBA’s work and projects like these would not be possible without our generous donors and investors. We’d like to say, from the bottom of our hearts, “¡GRACIAS!” for their continued support. Providing affordable housing, stewarding an equitable recovery, and supporting resident empowerment are at the heart of what we do. Both small and large, every amount of support we receive is directly invested in our community, and we could not be more grateful for it. Please join us in this work by supporting IBA! Together we can build a stronger community and a better, more equitable Boston.

We are proud to be working to develop housing opportunities for low-income households in Boston. For more information on how you can support IBA, please visit our page: