The Importance of Keeping Arts Alive For Our Community

The Importance of Keeping Arts Alive For Our Community

"We are a diverse community. Let's celebrate our roots, honor our ancestors, preserve our culture, enjoy our traditional dishes, and pass our culture down to the next generation."

- Wendy, Boston resident

Art has been an integral part of Latinx culture, and it holds a special place in the hearts of our people. Created to honor our roots and celebrate our diversity, the IBA Arts Program is an award-winning resource that enriches our community.

Throughout the years, our members have spoken of the program as a source of pride that brings us together, to keep Latinx culture alive and thriving. This is why we keep working to bring Latino culture and arts to the Boston scene.

We are honored to invite the residents of Greater Boston to join our community, and to be part of the movement that helps preserve our cultural heritage, empower our people, and create a sense of identity and belonging.

Cultural Preservation

“We have the next generation coming in, and they need to know about their culture – not only one culture, but also the culture that comes from your ancestors.”

  • Anastasia, Boston resident

From folkloric dances to visual creations, music and literature, Latinx artforms represent our rich cultural tapestry. They are deeply embedded in the history of our community and continue to inspire us.

For the people of Villa Victoria, art is a vehicle to pass cultural knowledge down from one generation to the next. They join IBA’s special events and participate in art-focused workshops because it’s a way to keep our traditions alive for the future generations. By creating and preserving Latinx forms of expression, the IBA Arts program ensures that our culture’s history stays relevant and that our traditions continue to be part of the social and cultural fabric of our community.


“As an immigrant, it’s very important to remember where you come from, your own ideals, your customs so you can incorporate them with those of this country and make something beautiful.”

  • Nathaniel, Boston resident

Art also has the ability to empower individuals and communities who are looking to shape their own identity and path forward. For Latinx artists, creating is a way to assert their voices, express their identity, and challenge stereotypes. In this way, IBA’s Arts Program provides a safe and welcoming environment for seasoned and up-and-coming artists to share their perspectives and art form.

Through performance series, festivals, and classes, IBA drives artists to create their own narratives, and encourages other members of the community to appreciate Latinx talent. Using art as an instrument of self-expression, the program brings joy to our unique identities and challenges societal expectations in a way that’s authentic and meaningful.

Identity Formation

“My favorite part about IBA’s art events is the sense of family and neighborhood. They bring our incredible community together to celebrate us.”

  • Selena, Boston resident

Murals, dance, and poetry are deeply embedded in our history. They teach our youth about the diversity of Latinx culture, help them explore, form connections and experience their culture to enrich their identity. At the same time, Latinx arts bring a little piece of our traditions to those who are away from their home countries. And in doing so, these cultural programs bring us all together.

By offering a platform for Latinx individuals to celebrate their journeys, IBA provides avenues for our community to assert its presence and agency within society. At the same time, this program creates a sense of community and belonging. It’s where we find common ground, so we may become stronger and break barriers together.

Join IBA’s Arts Program and Celebrate Our Heritage

By participating in IBA’s Arts Program, you too can connect with the community, preserve our traditions, and promote greater appreciation of Latinx culture. Whether you’re a creator or an art enthusiast, our program has something for you. Join our newsletter and check our calendar of events often be part of our thriving community and keep our culture alive for generations to come.