"The light in my daughter’s eyes every time she comes back home is amazing."

"The light in my daughter’s eyes every time she comes back home is amazing."

In 2021, 15 students graduated from IBA’s Preschool Program, which prepared them for a successful entrance into elementary school. Despite a number of challenges during the last few years due to the pandemic, IBA’s Preschool rose to the occasion and implemented new protocols and strategies that proved successful for the emotional and intellectual health of our students as well as their parents.

Samantha Jean Brunot’s daughter is amongst the students who graduated from IBA’s Preschool this year. On the day of the ceremony, she took some time to share with us the reasons why this day was so important to her and her daughter.

Why did you enroll your daughter in IBA’s Preschool?

This is a great school, this is a great environment and the kids learn so much. I’ve never seen anything like it. The work they do here is so great and creative, I jokingly say: Once they’re done here, they’re going to college.

From the moment I set foot into this school I knew in my heart this would be the school for her and when they called me to tell me they had a spot I immediately said Yes, can I come right now?!

The light in my daughter’s eyes every time she comes back home is amazing. Even on weekends she wakes me up to go to school and gets really sad when I tell her it’s not a school day.

What’s the best thing this preschool has taught your child?

The social skills IBA’s Preschool has given my daughter are everything I could’ve hoped for. She’s never been shy but she learned how to share with others, how to listen, and that makes me very happy to see.

They teach her not only in English, but in Spanish as well and she has now shown so much interest in learning different languages.

What’s your favorite part of IBA’s Preschool?

I love coming here and seeing how loving all the teachers are. My daughter would never leave at the end of the day without saying goodbye and hugging her teachers. I can see she really loves them.

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