“Together as a team, we work for the benefit of the children”

“Together as a team, we work for the benefit of the children”

IBA’s Preschool Program is the first bilingual program in Massachusetts, and focuses on both academics and the development of life skills such as inclusion, adaptability, and independence.

This multifaceted programming would not be possible without our amazing staff and everyone involved in taking care of the children, including Miss Myrna Silvestry-Padilla, who has been a teacher here for a long time. She shared some fascinating details about her journey as a teacher, her philosophy, and why she considers IBA’s Preschool Program to be the best option for your child.

Tell us about yourself. What's your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is influenced by John Dewey. He said that the curriculum must be relevant to the lives of the students. Learning by doing and developing practical life skills are crucial to children's education, and this is my teaching philosophy.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher because I think that the role a teacher plays in society is one of the most important. I have the gift of teaching, I love to teach and that is the direction I took.

Why did you decide to teach at IBA's Preschool Program?

When I decided to move to Massachusetts from Puerto Rico, I started looking for a job as a teacher. And when I found the IBA website, I thought I could work for this organization that was founded by Puerto Ricans. This made me feel comfortable, and I decided to apply for a job here. Knowing that I could teach in my home language and that I could be part of the mission to preserve our Spanish language brought me joy.

What makes IBA’sPreschool Program system so valuable?

Because children can be in a safe environment, full of academic opportunities, good nutrition, exercise, and socialization. Children can visualize how important education is to improve academically, socially and economically.

What are the main challenges the children in the community are facing?

Some children in the community are exposed to crime, mental health challenges, drugs, lack of opportunities, gender violence, racism, in addition to the lack of economic stability that could open many doors for success. These are some of the challenges that children and their parents encounter.

How is IBA's Preschool Program addressing those issues?

IBA offers programs rich in opportunities. It provides education to children and their families, to prevent and address issues the community faces. We provide workshops, mentoring, referrals, and conferences for the families. IBA has created a wonderful, safe Preschool Program to foster children's development and encourage acceptance, tolerance, and respect. Through family engagement, parents stay active and connected to their children's learning. Together as a team, we work for the benefit of the children and the community.

If you wish for your child to be part of our Preschool Program, please schedule a tour today by visiting, calling (617) 927-1740, or emailing We’re waiting to hear from you!