Update on IBA’s West Newton Rutland Project

Update on IBA’s West Newton Rutland Project

Affordable housing is at the core of what we do here at IBA. We recently talked with Mayra I. Negrón-Roche, IBA’s Chief Operating Officer, for a progress update on IBA’s West Newton and Rutland Streets Rehabilitation project.

What is the West Newton and Rutland Streets Project?

In 2015, IBA was selected by Boston Housing Authority as the designated developer of the West Newton Rutland Project in the South End. These housing units are very close to IBA’s existing Villa Victoria housing community. As part of the project, IBA is rehabilitating 146 units of affordable housing on which 11 are new units that were previously offline, enlarging IBA’s affordable housing footprint in the South End and welcoming new residents to the IBA community.

What kind of renovations are being done to the housing units?

Renovations of the units began in February of 2019. The buildings are being renovated in stages of 5 buildings at a time. Renovations include extensive exterior masonry and carpentry work, new roof, installation of new exterior doors, new HVAC systems, plumbing improvements, addition of a fire alarm and sprinkler system, and other unit upgrades. Eight of the units will become fully accessible in the renovation with new accessibility ramp.

How many rehabilitations have been completed?

Currently, we have completed 62 of the 146 units. We’re on track for finishing the project by the end of 2021!

What happens to the residents while renovations are being done?

We created a strong communication plan and procedures for the residents to address the inconvenience of the renovations. These plans include ways to minimize disruptions to them while they are temporarily relocated during construction. IBA worked with the residents of the buildings to come up with a temporary plan for moving when their building was to be worked on. IBA helps households store their belongings, and most residents are temporarily relocated within the neighborhood, so they continue to be close to schools, doctors, and other community services.

Any other updates on the project?

IBA is taking lots of steps to ensure that the project is sustainable now and in the future. Not only do these renovations mean that there will be more affordable housing in the South End for generations to come, but IBA is working to make the project as financially strong as possible. This means the organization is maximizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits and State Historic Tax Credits. Financially sustainable projects mean that IBA will have more resources for additional housing development and preservation projects in the future!

How is IBA going to celebrate completion of the project later this year?

More to come! We’re looking forward to inviting the community to celebrate completion of this amazing project with us. We’ll know more as we get closer, but we’re hoping that we’ll all be able to gather together to celebrate our thriving community!

Contact Mayra at for questions about the West Newton and Rutland Project or to learn more about IBA’s approach to development and preservation of affordable housing in Boston’s South End neighborhood.