What to Expect with the Incoming Healey-Driscoll Administration on Housing

What to Expect with the Incoming Healey-Driscoll Administration on Housing

Next month, Governor-elect Maura Healey and Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Driscoll will make history as one of the first all-women Governor-Lieutenant administrations in the United States. We could not be more excited to welcome such a fantastic duo, and we eagerly await the policies they will enact to improve the lives of people across the Commonwealth.

In reference to their campaign website, below is a breakdown of proposed policies and ideas that seek to address the housing crisis in Massachusetts. These methods are designed to guarantee safe and secure housing for everyone, regardless of economic status, creed or race across the state. The overarching themes guiding the Housing Agenda include bolstering affordable housing supply through production and preservation; tackling the homelessness crisis and expanding access to safety net programs across the state; and leveraging housing as a tool for economic mobility.

Below are some of the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s proposed action items:

1- Create a Secretary of Housing position.

This newly established position illustrates how much the Administration will prioritize the complex, intersectional issues and needs of our housing crisis. The position will also establish a clear role dedicated to collaboration across state agencies and existing housing stakeholders in the public and private sector.

2- Establish a state-led pro-housing educational campaign for the public and advocate for the creation of enhanced housing options.

This effort will provide proper training and education for community members and business leaders. Additionally, it will make available toolkits and technical assistance for local officials to meet local and regional housing production goals.

3- Streamline permitting processes.

There is an urgent need to accelerate housing production in Massachusetts. The goal here is to simplify the process for developers, especially as it relates to applying and receiving funding from the Department of Housing and Community Development. Reducing bureaucratic requirements will alleviate some of the hurdles developers face when trying to push projects through the approval process.

4- Empower communities to enact policies specific to their own unique housing challenges while encouraging regional cooperation.

Governor-elect Maura Healey and Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Driscoll acknowledge that no-one-size fits-all plan will fit all municipalities. Through proper guidance, communities across Massachusetts will be encouraged to be creative in their solutions to tackle housing, while utilizing the assistance available to them at the regional and state level.

5- Deploy housing funds that have been allocated by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The previous legislative session already allocated $885 million dollars in the FY23 Budget and $595 million dollars from ARPA funding. The incoming Administration will also work with the Massachusetts Legislature to secure additional funds for affordable housing.

To read more about the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s plan, click here.

IBA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, was recently chosen to be a member of the Affordable, Abundant Housing Transition Committee. We know that Dr. Calderón-Rosado’s wealth of knowledge and experience advocating for affordable housing in our communities will be a great asset to this team. We are confident that her collaborative spirit and exceptional insights will bring additional creative and innovative solutions to a state level.

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