Legends Breathe Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: November 9, 2019 to December 8, 2019

Special Events

  • Opening reception — Saturday November 9th at 6pm  featuring a special guest live performance by ambient musician Floricane
  • Panel discussion — Friday November 22nd 6-8pm featuring artists Raquel Fornasaro, Floricane, Claudia Ruiz Gustafson & Allison Maria Rodriguez

Location: La Galeria

Allison Maria Rodriguez’s Legends Breathe exhibit is a highly interactive video installation exploring the power of creativity and imagination in overcoming traumatic experiences. Based on interviews from other artists about childhood fantasies that assisted them in overcoming trauma, this moving gallery highlights the strength of the human mind. 

Artist Bio

Allison Maria Rodriguez, an award-winning first-generation Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist creates immersive experiential spaces that challenge conventional ways of knowing and understanding the world. Through video, performance, digital animation, photography, drawing, collage and installation, Rodriguez merges and blends mediums to create new pictorial spaces for aesthetic, emotional and conceptual exploration. Through her unique style, Rodriguez’s work brings attention to climate change, species extinction, and the interconnectivity of existence. 

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