Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in hosting a table at this year’s Festival Betances 2019! We are looking forward to working with everyone to ensure we have a smooth and successful event for all!

Below, you will find the logistics and information needed for those interested in hosting an Artisan, Vendor, or Information Table. Please fill out the registration form accordingly, with your choice selection (Artisan Table, Information Table or Vendor Table) and follow the required outlined steps. We greatly look forward to your participation in Festival Betances 2019!

Step 1. Complete registration form.
Step 2. Read terms of 2019 contract, sign and upload (Download Contract). 
Step 3. Submit payment by way of money order, certified bank check made payable to IBA or online, PayPal only (click here) by Friday, July 5th.

Are you interested in hosting an…?

1. Artisan Table ($125.00 plus $3.75 processing fee): Display and sell skilled craft pieces of work created by hand that may be functional or decorative; for example, decorative arts, sculptures, jewelry, and or household items.

2. Information Table: A convenient way to share information and resources with our community by offering resources such as materials, programming, activities, and giveaways (pens, pencils, balls, hand sanitizer, etc.) representative to your organization, business or cause.
*A nonprofit organization is a business granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service.
**A for profit business is established, maintained, or conducted for the purpose of making a profit i.e.: banks, and retail stores.
***Corporate Business or Candidate:
3. Vendor/ Merchandising Table: Display and sell manufactured consumer goods (produced on a large scale using machinery).
*For additional space occupancy needs please see the increased pay scale. <

Please note: All rates and fees are non-negotiable.

For any questions please contact Kay Mazara at 617-399-1964 or or Yahaira Objio at 617-535-1706 or

If you see me, back up.