Confidentiality Communication

Confidentiality and Privacy Rights and Limits to Confidential Communications

Confidentiality means protecting another person's right to privacy. In order for residents to have trust in the relationship with the Resident Services Coordinators (RSC) at IBA, it’s important for you to know that information shared by residents with the RSC is held in strict confidence. This means that the information that you provide to the RSC is not shared or discussed with anyone. In order for the RSC to communicate with another party, the resident must provide written permission by signing a release of information authorizing the RSC and the other person/organization to share information.

In certain circumstances, the RSC is required legally/ethically to disclose information that you shared. The exceptions to confidentiality are as follows:

  1. If you are in imminent danger of causing harm to yourself or others.
  2. If the RSC suspects or becomes aware of abuse or neglect to a child, person with a disability or elder
  3. If the RSC is required by law to provide information in a court action
  4. The RSC has a responsibility to report lease violations that come to their attention in the course of their duties
  5. The RSC files are the property of IBA

Our Resident Services Coordinators keep a confidential file on each resident who has supplied such information and/or any resident with whom they have had contact for the coordination of services.

All information collected is maintained in confidence under the requirements of state and general laws. When we make a referral for services on your behalf – and with your permission – individuals, organizations and facilities may request pertinent information about you.

YOUR RIGHTS: You have the right to:

  • Inquire about where and how the information is maintained
  • Object to the substance of the information collected and maintained
  • Inspect (or photocopy at your expense) the contents of your file
  • Request that certain information not be released to other organizations
  • Request that certain family members not be contacted

*PLEASE NOTE: we cannot take back any information that has been used or shared with your written permission.

My signature below indicated that I have both read and been explained the Confidentiality Rights and Limits to confidential communications.

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As your RSC, I agree to protect your right to privacy and confidentiality within the ethical and legal limitations of my position and profession.