Atabey y Agueybana

4-15 Months Old
  • Class Overview

    Our Infant and Toddler classrooms (Agueybana and Atabey) are set up to provide a safe environment to explore and learn. Free play is important for infants and toddlers, it gives them a sense of security and belonging.
  • Atabey y Agueybana

    The wonderful ambience of love, respect, tenderness and safety. They meet the child at their developmental level, allowing them to explore at their own pace, providing support at the level where they are.
    • New space designed for learning and growing
    • Defined areas
    • Safe and Clean
    • A positive learning environment with a small group setting.
    • Age Group:
      Infant - Toddler Classroom

      (4-15 months old)

    • Class Size:
      9 Children
    • Pricing

      Annual Income Toddler Infant
      $45,000 - $74,999 $475 $500
      $75,000 - $99,999 $525 $550
      $100,000 $570 $605
    • Sessions:
      Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
    • Classroom Educators:

      • Atabey teachers: Zulmira Gomes & Karen DeJesus

      • Agueybana teachers: Yanira Pagan & Amanda Otero

      • Floater for both classrooms: Jessica Gonzalez

    • Conveniently located in Boston’s South End
    • Bilingual and Diverse environment
    • Includes Daily nutrition meals and snacks
    • Full-day,year-round program
    • Quality care with a Sliding Tuition Scale based on income
    • Fully Renovated first class facilities
  • Class Schedule

    7:30 AMArrival (Ambience Nature Music – “The Sound of the Coquí” from the Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico or other sensory sounds):
    ⦿ Health Checkup
    ⦿ Meaningful Interactions/Free Play
    9:00 AMFeeding Time and Diaper Change
    9:30 AM

    9:45 AM
    GYM or Classroom
    ⦿ Tummy Time
    ⦿ Discovery
    ⦿ Toys & Games
    10:00 AMLarge Group Activities (GYM or Classroom)
    ⦿ Music and Movement (Math)
    10:30 AMSmall Group (fine motor, art, discovery, math)
    ⦿ Story Time (Literacy)
    11:00 AMGross Motor
    ⦿ Outdoor/Indoor
    12:00 PMFeeding Time and Diaper Change
    1:00 PMQuiet Time and nap as needed
    ⦿ Ambience Nature Music
    2:30 PMFeeding Time, snacks and Diaper Change
    3:30 PMLarge Group Activities
    ⦿ Music and Movement (Math)
    ⦿ Story Time (Literacy)
    4:30 PMGross Motor and Sensory/Developmentally Appropriate experiences
    5:00 PMDiaper Change/Explore toys
    5:30 PMTime to go home!

    Class Hours per year information: 2,600

    *Sleep, feeding and diapering will depend on each child’s needs.

  • IBA Early Education Program

    With education and experience in early childhood care