Toddler Classroom (15 months - 2.9 years)
  • Class Overview

    Bohío has a small group setting to help the children get ready to transition to the young preschool class, teaching them to be independent and follow a more structured schedule. They still have plenty of free play time to develop their social-emotional skills, while at the same time they learn new routines and new development skills.
  • Bohio

    • The classroom is cozy, with a lounge library style area to inspire the children's love for books.
    • Age Group:
      Toddler Classroom

      (15 months - 2.9 years)

    • Class Size:
      9 Children
    • Pricing

      Annual Income Pre-School
      $45,000-$74,999 $345
      $75,000-$99,999 $365
      $100,000 $390
    • Sessions:
      Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
    • Classroom Educators:
      Teachers: Merian Lopez & Zashira Arias
    • Conveniently located in Boston’s South End
    • Bilingual and Diverse environment
    • Includes Daily nutrition meals and snacks
    • Full-day,year-round program
    • Quality care with a Sliding Tuition Scale based on income
    • Fully Renovated first class facilities
  • Class Schedule

    7:30 AMArrival (Ambience Nature Music – “The Sound of the Coquí” from the Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico or other sensory
    ⦿ Meaningful Interactions
    ⦿ Centers – Free Play
    9:00 AMFeeding Time and Diaper Change
    9:30 AMCircle Time
    ⦿ Story Time (Literacy)
    9:40 AMSmall Group Activity
    10:00 AMDiscovery/Centers
    ⦿ Toys & Games
    10:30 AMLarge Group Gross Motor Activities/Outdoors (GYM or Classroom)
    ⦿ Music and Movement (Math)
    12:00 PMFeeding Time and Diaper Change
    1:00 PMQuiet Time and nap as needed
    ⦿ Ambience Nature Music
    3:00 PMFeeding Time, snacks and Diaper Change
    3:30 PMLarge Group Activities
    ⦿ Music and Movement (Math)
    ⦿ Story Time (Literacy)
    4:30 PMDevelopmentally Appropriate Experiences
    5:00 PMDiaper Change/Explore toys - Centers
    5:30 PMTime to go home!

    Class Hours per year information: 2,600

    *Sleep, feeding and diapering will depend on each child’s needs.

  • IBA Early Education Program

    With education and experience in early childhood care