30 Years Of Living In Villa Victoria

30 Years Of Living In Villa Victoria

Our Resident Services program works to make every resident feel at home in Villa Victoria. From case management to neighborhood events, they build community and empower our residents. We recently spoke with one of our residents to learn more about her experience with IBA.

Maria, a longtime Villa Victoria resident, has been living in our neighborhood since 1991 after moving from Guatemala in 1968. As a resident of nearly 3 decades, Maria has volunteered at the Blackstone Community Center for 20 years now, and recently become active with IBA’s Preschool Program. As an active member of IBA’s community, her favorite part of living in Villa Victoria is the programs and resources offered by IBA, including the Arts, and College and Financial Empowerment Programs.

While our Resident Services team does offer case management and other services, Maria usually turns to her brother, a social worker for help. However, she still utilizes on our team, recently using their expertise to get her registered to vote. She talked about how her friends and neighbors have only positive things to say about how our Resident Services Coordinators work well with community, and get them involved in IBA’s culturally responsive programming to address the needs of the community.

Our goal for our programming has always been to support and empower our residents. By focusing on what our community actually needs, we are better able to succeed. From our Resident Services Program to our Youth Program, we strive to work with all of our residents to put them on a path for success.

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