Resident Services

Promoting a better quality of life, the program combines recreation, culture, health, educational and case management services.


Our residents having fun playing bingo

IBA’s Resident Services Program works to empower residents of the Villa Victoria affordable housing community with a particular focus on the community’s seniors, we promote living an a more active and fulfilling life. Using a culturally responsive approach, our caring and bilingual team helps residents:

  1. Meet basic needs through advocacy, case management and referrals.
  2. Keep active and connected to the community through social, recreational, and cultural programming.
  3. Boost health and wellness through fitness/exercise classes, workshops and health screenings.
  4. Access healthy food to combat food insecurity

Stories from the
Resident Services:

“Lo mejor que me ha pasado a mi”
El Programa de Servicios al Residente se encarga no solo de proveer viviendas asequibles, sino también prop ...
“Me siento segura viviendo aquí y todo es excelente”
Como propietario de viviendas asequibles, y al desarrollar nuevas viviendas que cumplan con esta función, e ...
"Así es la magia de las artes"
En IBA tenemos programas que se encargan de cubrir una serie de necesidades básicas para promover una calid ...

Program Services:

  • Case management, benefits screening and referrals (click here to make a referral).
  • Assistance with translation and interpretation.
  • Social, recreational and cultural programs.
  • Health workshops and screenings, and support for medical appointments.
  • Fitness and exercise classes.
  • Field trips.
  • Access to healthy food.
  • Puerto Rico Birth Certificates here.


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For more information, please contact Yahaira Objio, Resident Services Director at (617) 535-1706.

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