Festival Betances 2022

Thank you for enjoying Festival Betances!

We can't wait to see you next year.

What is Festival Betances?

Festival Betances has become a staple in New England’s Latinx community and the Boston summer festival season. Every year the in-person event has drawn a 3,000-person multicultural audience. The last two virtual Festival Betances celebrations had over 60k viewers, 43% of those being specific to Massachusetts.

Through the years, Betances’ stage has seen multiple musical and dance performances, ranging from local and regional acts to international Latin music icons such as, Larry Harlow from Fania All Stars, Tony Vega, and Tito Rojas. The Festival is named after Ramón Emeterio Betances, a Puerto Rican patriot whose medical contributions benefited Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States. He also became a leader in awakening national consciousness in Puerto Rico, and is considered one of the foremost intellectuals of the 19th century.

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Festival Betances 2022

En Plaza Betances, ¡De Bomba a Reggaetón!

¡La energía ya se siente! Ven sábado 16 de julio, a las 12pm a Plaza Betances. ¡No te lo pierdas! Después de dos años, volvemos en persona, con el Festival cultural Latino de mayor trayectoria en Nueva Inglaterra, para cantar, bailar y celebrar la cultura Afro-Latina.

¡Todos a Plaza Betances!

Tenemos un programa de energía pura y sabor borincano para chicos y grandes:

  • Arrancamos con nuestro tan esperado desfile: 12 pm

  • Para el goce de todos, el palo encebao: 1pm

  • Y a partir de las 2 pm, se deja venir toda la música con:

Juan Nieves - 2:00pm

El queridísimo maestro cuatrista, abriendo nuevos caminos con patrones rítmicos inesperados

Sharina Sanabria y su Conjunto Guajiba - 3:15pm

trovadora y representante de la 4ª generación de la gran familia trovadora Sanabria

Frankie Ruiz Jr. - 4:30pm

El hijo de la salsa y su lema de siempre, “¡Que viva la salsa y siempre positivo!”

Enyel C & Gyanma - 6:00pm

Y cerramos con los enormes jóvenes artistas independientes del Reggaeton a su manera

      Para recibir información actualizada y hacer RSVP, síguenos en la página de Facebook del festival, para demostrar que nuestra cultura sigue viva.

      ¡TE ESPERAMOS! Y prepárate, que este festival va a estar ¡TREMENDO!



      At Plaza Betances, from Bomba to Reggaeton!

      Can you feel the energy? Don’t miss it! Join us at Plaza Betances on Saturday, July 16th, at 12 pm.

      After two years, we are back—in person—with the longest-running Latino Cultural Festival in New England to sing, dance, and celebrate Afro-Latino culture.

      Everyone to Plaza Betances!

      We’ve curated a lineup full of energy and Puerto Rican flavor for both grown-ups and kids:

      • Kick-off with our beloved parade: 12 pm

      • Everybody will have a blast with the Greased Pole: 1 pm

      • And starting at 2 pm, From Bomba to Reggaeton music unleashes with:

      Juan Nieves - 2:00pm

      the beloved maestro cuatrero breaking new ground with Bomba, Plena, Salsa and Merengue rhythyms

      Sharina Sanabria y su Conjunto Guajiba - 3:15pm

      trovadora and representative of the 4th generation of the great Sanabria family of trovadores

      Frankie Ruiz Jr. - 4:30pm

      the son of salsa and his motto, “Long live salsa and always keep positive!”

      Enyel C & Gyanma - 6:00pm

      And we close with the young, A-1, independent Reggaeton artists

      For updates and to RSVP, follow the Festival Facebook page, to show that our culture is still very much alive.

      WE’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU! Get ready for this Festival because it is going to be BOMB!

      Follow us on social media for artist reveals, exciting updates, and more info!

      * For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations for this event please contact Juan Carlos Gonzalez at juancarlos@ibaboston.org or (617) 927-1707