Sustainable Housing

The program provides high quality affordable housing units to families and elders from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

One of the houses in our sustainable community

IBA is a non-profit owner and developer of affordable housing. The main goal is to provide an affordable, safe and healthy environment that promotes the highest quality of life for low and moderate-income families and elders. IBA also support families that are at risk of losing their homes by helping them retain their housing through different services that include: counseling, case management and advocacy.

Since 1968, IBA has produced more than 1,000 units of housing, and currently owns a rental housing portfolio of 667 affordable units. Over the years, IBA has refinanced the properties to keep them affordable using low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) and other financing tools. This has helped with the maintenance of the properties and the funding of resident services and security, which are highly valued by our residents.

IBA believes that well-kept units, common areas and open spaces create a safe and welcoming community, promote a healthy environment, and ultimately provide a high quality of life for our residents.

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Our Housing Portfolio:

Our affordable housing portfolio includes Villa Victoria development:

  • Victoria Apartments – 190 units.
  • Viviendas Apartments – 181 units.
  • Casas Borinquen – 36 units.
  • South End Apartments – 28 units.
  • West Newton/Rutland – 146 units

Other Developments:

  • Robert Fortes House – 44 elderly units.
  • Residences at Neponset Field – 31 elderly units.
  • Residencia Betances – 11 single room occupancy (SRO) units.

For more information, please contact Mayra I. Negrón-Roche at (617) 927-1708 or; or Maloney Properties at (617) 412-3400.