A Thank You Note from IBA’s Youth Development Program

A Thank You Note from IBA’s Youth Development Program

Throughout 2022, IBA’s Youth Development Program (YDP) successfully organized various workshops which empowered and equipped our youth with enriched skills to be their authentic self while being civically engaged in their community.

This year, we offered a variety of workshops to connect with our youth. One of the workshops we offered were art workshops. Our art workshops helped our youth to foster their creative juices and empower their voices to be shared with the world. At YDP, we value and honor our youth’s expression and authenticity. In addition to art workshops, we also hosted a series of financial literacy workshops. Financial literacy helps our young participants to make better financial decisions and have an effective management of their finances moving forward.

We are proud of our youth. At the forefront of every workshop, YDP makes sure there is collaboration among our youth and their peers by allowing space at the end for discussion panels. The discussion panels help our youth to be reflective while being able to freely discuss various topics from mental health issues to planning how to meet with local officials to discuss community needs.

Everyone at IBA and the families of all who participate in the YDP program year after year are very grateful for the generous support of our donors and partners. THANK YOU, Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston’s Department of Public Health for their continued support!t You all strengthen our program while helping us be able to empower these young adults to become the best version of themselves.