Behind the Scenes | Linnette Speel

Behind the Scenes | Linnette Speel

“I want IBA to be the biggest and best nonprofit organization in all of Massachusetts,” Linnette Speel, Executive Assistant explains.

Having spent the past 4 years as an integral part of Operations, Linnette is responsible for supporting the senior management team, including IBA CEO, Vanessa Calderón-Rosado. In addition, she serves as a liaison between the management teams and external vendors.

From coordinating meetings, to handling incoming phone calls, to managing everything related to the Board of Directors, Linnette does it all!

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, moving to the United States just 10 years ago, Linnette loves to be able to support IBA in its mission to give back to the community.

“I hadn’t heard of IBA when I applied. But, now that I have been here and seen the amazing work we do in the community, I am so proud to be able to give a sense of belonging to fellow Puerto Ricans.”

As the main touchpoint for most things happening in and around IBA, Linnette has an insider’s view into many life-changing projects and programs.

“It’s really important work that we do and the commitment to the residents is phenomenal. I truly see myself in the mission and vision and that’s beautiful for me. We are able to touch so many people’s lives and help them improve themselves.”

And, with a 3-year-old “diva-in-training” who currently attends IBA’s preschool, Linnette knows firsthand, as a mom, just how special the educational work IBA does is for our future leaders.

When asked about where she sees IBA going in the next 10 years, Linnette is excited to watch the affordable housing program expand, as IBA is able to acquire more properties to help families in need.

If she’s not in the office, you can find Linnette with her adorable daughter enjoying mother/daughter manicures and pedicures, or in the kitchen baking one of her famous (and delicious) cakes.

Should you meet Linnette, be sure to congratulate her on her most recent accomplishment: receiving her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree!