Developing Young Minds

Developing Young Minds

The Journey of Growth at IBA’s Expanded Early Education Program

It’s a vibrant world at IBA’s newly expanded Early Education Program. Our doors officially opened to the public this past September, and we celebrated this momentous occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 14, 2023.

With 2024 well underway, we’re excited to share with the community the inspiration behind the program’s expansion, the unique resources that set us apart, and how your child can embark on a journey of growth and learning with us.

The Inspiration Behind Our Expansion

At IBA, we understand the importance of a strong foundation during a child’s first years. We also believe in providing parents and the community access to the highest quality early education – and our expanded program embodies this commitment.

Our program stands out because we offer a bilingual, multicultural approach to learning. We take pride in preserving the Spanish language and Hispanic cultural heritage, allowing our young learners to embrace their roots while receiving a well-rounded education. This has earned us recognition as one of the Top School Readiness Programs in Massachusetts.

New Resources and Support for the Community

As part of this expansion, our Early Education Program has adapted to better serve the needs of our community. Now we offer care for infants and toddlers, with extended hours of 7:30am to 5:30pm to accommodate working families.

We’re also proud to introduce our Ages & Stages screening tool: A comprehensive questionnaire that helps our team determine the developmental stage of our students. This allows us to provide referrals and service coordination, when needed.

Furthermore, we have established a partnership with Massachusetts Early Intervention. This collaborative effort provides extra resources for children and families in need of additional developmental support, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they deserve.

Supporting Holistic Development

Giving every child the opportunity to thrive academically and socially is at the core of our values. Through our expanded program, we’re able to provide an accredited curriculum that supports the developmental milestones for each age group. Our dedicated teachers meet each child where they are, nurturing their development and forming meaningful connections.

With classrooms that cater to infants and toddlers, we help young children achieve age-appropriate developmental milestones. And as our students progress, they transition to different classrooms tailored to their age; with the ultimate goal of helping them prepare for kindergarten.

Registering Your Child

In our dedication to inclusive early education, we also recognize the financial aspect of early education. That’s why we offer various assistance options to support our community:

  • EEC Financial Assistance Program: Families who meet certain criteria, such as being low-income, working 30 hours or more, full-time students, or actively seeking employment may qualify for this assistance.

  • Income-Based Tuition Fee Rate: We also offer an income-based tuition fee structure to accommodate private-pay families and ensure accessibility for all.

  • Child Care Choices Vouchers: IBA’s Early Education program gladly accepts vouchers from Child Care Choices.

At IBA, we believe that early education lays the foundation for a brighter future. That’s why we’ve made registration easier than ever. Simply fill out the Contact Form on our website and a staff member will contact you to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Join us in creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for your child. We can’t wait to welcome you to our space and embark on this educational journey together.