Enhancing Quality of Life for Our Elderly

Enhancing Quality of Life for Our Elderly

IBA’s Resident Services Program Expands its Senior Facilities

Dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals in all stages of life, IBA has expanded its Resident Services Program (RSP) to include two additional senior facilities: Neponset and Robert Fortes.

This expansion highlights IBA’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its elderly community members, as the organization supports their physical and emotional well-being. In a recent interview to Director Yahaira Objio, the leader of this program delved into the new services that the team is proud to offer and the positive impact they have had on the lives of the residents.

Comprehensive Care & Personalized Approach

“Since November 2022, IBA’s RSP has been diligently working to ensure that individuals at Neponset and Robert Fortes senior facilities maintain stable housing and receive comprehensive care” Objio stated. The primary goal of the program is to support elderly individuals and those with disabilities, as they continue to lead independent lives.

The structure of the intake process, starting with welcoming residents into the housing facilities, is fundamental to the success of the team. Upon intake the staff conducts an empathetic interview and a thorough assessment of each individual’s situation. This helps coordinators get to know the residents, and guides them in developing a tailored service plan that makes our seniors feel welcomed, special and addresses their specific needs and goals. After the initial interview, the Resident Services Coordinator works with the resident to discuss their personal scenario, so the program can fulfill their individual needs.

With a holistic approach that focuses on overall well-being, IBA’s Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) also help seniors at Neponset and Robert Fortes gain access to benefits such as SNAP/food stamps and social security. With many senior residents facing cultural and language barriers, these resources offer valuable support for some of our most vulnerable community members.

Positive Impact on Quality of Life

The range of services provided by IBA’s RSP greatly impacts the quality of life for seniors at Neponset and Robert Fortes. These services address the emotional and mental health challenges faced by seniors, including isolation, lack of social connection, and health challenges.

To combat these issues, RSP organizes social and recreational activities that foster wellness and connectedness among residents. These events help reduce feelings of loneliness that often accompany aging.

Through these activities, the program staff can also establish trust within the community. This allows them to support residents in maintaining stable housing, and receive services related to financial stability, health, and social needs.

While the program offers an array of social, recreational, and wellness programming, Objio identified the following as some of the most noteworthy activities that seniors enjoy:

  • Arts and crafts workshops led by local artists and Resident Services Coordinators to encourage residents' creativity.

  • Bingo gatherings that allow residents to engage in friendly competition and enjoy refreshments.

  • Social hours with activities like karaoke, movie screenings, and ice cream hours provide a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

  • Community birthday parties and holiday celebrations that help foster a sense of community and shared joy.

  • Zumba classes are a fun way to promote physical and mental strength, flexibility, and overall wellness.

  • Food delivery to our residents' doorsteps ensure access to affordable and healthy meals for our elderly community.

  • Health screening and vaccination clinics prioritize residents' well-being and preventive healthcare.

  • Collaboration with partner agencies allow the program to offer workshops and webinars promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Digital equity workshops and technology coaching is a way to empower residents as they navigate digital platforms and increase their connectivity.

In addition to these senior favorites, Objio also pointed out that “integration into the Villa Victoria community is facilitated through residents’ participation in various Plaza events.” From Christmas Tree lighting to family days, these special occasions foster a greater sense of belonging to the community at large.

Collaboration with Other IBA Programs

To further enhance the residents’ experience and provide comprehensive support, Objio emphasizes the importance of collaboration between Resident Services and other IBA services to benefit the seniors of Neponset and Robert Fortes.

“The Financial Empowerment Program offers informative workshops for seniors, as well as age-appropriate financial coaching and assistance with online rent payments,” she said. In addition to this, “the Technology Center, led by Joel Ramos, provides technology-related workshops that help residents navigate the digital world and even cover their internet costs.”

By extending its services to Neponset and Robert Fortes senior facilities, IBA’s RSP contributes significantly to the overall mission and goals of the organization. RSP actively engages families and individuals through health and wellness, social and recreational, and self-sufficiency programming that promote stability, mobility, and overall well-being within the community.

Making a Difference for Our Latinx Seniors

Residents agree that the presence of a professional and trustworthy staff at both sites has instilled a sense of safety among the community. Seniors who had been suffering from depression expressed how they feel less isolated and have enjoyed more opportunities to socialize with their neighbors, leading to increased joy and a bigger sense of belonging.

When asked about her experience, a resident at Robert Forbes expressed feeling fulfilled. “I was tired of being at home,” she said, “not doing anything. Now, I feel happy that I am doing something for others. I feel useful.”

The warmth and gratitude of the seniors that IBA serves at Neponset and Robert Fortes has been key to the success of these facilities. As the staff plays a bigger role in the lives of our residents, it’s the seniors’ heartwarming gratitude that inspirates our Resident Coordinators to continue making Villa Victoria a better community for our elderly.

Visit the IBA Resident Services website to learn more about our program and join us, as we make a tangible difference in the lives of our community’s elders.