The Resident Services Program addresses the needs of Villa Victoria’s Residents by providing a variety of services including:

  • Assistance to maintain stable housing
  • Help maintaining their government benefits
  • Referrals for services and programs to meet basic needs
  • Connections to other IBA programs

But how do our dedicated Resident Services Coordinators decide who needs what and when? We have a system in place that makes the process easy for our residents and helps us offer help in a timely manner.

In this article, we’ll explain details of that process and the actions we take every step of the way.

Case Management Process
  • Through this form on our website, a resident can self-refer or be referred by another IBA Program. We are notified by Maloney Properties, IBA’s Property Management Company, when that form is submitted and within 24 hours the file is in our hands. We review the file and define next steps, then contact the resident for the first interview
  • If 48 hours have elapsed and we haven’t been able to reach the resident by phone, a letter will be mailed to set up the very important first interview. That’s where the intake process starts: we gather all of the information we need to develop an action plan and successfully execute it.

    Without that first interview, we are not able to move forward. Two more attempts will be made during the following two weeks. If we still have no response from the resident, the case will be closed with no further action.

    • If we are able to contact the resident within that two-week time frame, the first face to face interview (currently via Phone or video call due to COVID) is held and all necessary information gathered.
    • One week later: a second meeting is held, and the plan is put into action with clear expectations for the coordinator assigned to the case and the resident involved. Each case is managed under a mutual agreement and we always make sure residents are willing to receive the help we provide and take action when it’s required.
    • One week after that second meeting: a third meeting and a home visit happen to analyze results, measure progress and schedule further meetings if needed.
    • Usually, the situation is addressed, and the case can be closed within an average of eight weeks.

    Promoting and facilitating a better quality of life for residents is our top priority at IBA! You can help today by clicking HERE and supporting our program!