One of the most successful IBA programs is IBA Preschool, which has been running for over 40 years assisting the community in Boston.

Like all schools, this program went from being face-to-face to virtual, but that did not stop us from having our students graduate. They truly earned it after the great effort made during all these years and we were determined to make it happen.

María Monsalve, mother of one of our students, shared with us what IBA Preschool has been for both her, and her daughter Ivana, who graduated this year.

What is the name and age of the student?

Her name is Ivana González Lazaroni and she is 5 years old.

How long has she been part of IBA Preschool?

She has attended for 2 years. She did K0 and K1 with IBA.

Which do you think were the benefits of a multicultural preschool education?

The benefits are many, I can see them because they also help us, moms. Although we, the parents, do a good job at home, the teachers are better prepared, they know how to reach the child, how they can improve and how they can absorb and utilize all the knowledge they now have. Children always have some difficulty following rules when they are at home, but when I approach the teachers, looking for ideas to address what happens at home, they always tell me, "Ivana is very good, we are going to work on this ..." They do an extraordinary job understanding the students and putting themselves in their shoes. They teach them with a lot of love and a lot of patience, that's why I’m super happy that Ivana was there.

How did you hear about IBA Preschool?

I have a 16-year-old son and he also joined IBA Preschool back when he was 2. He did K0 and K1 there with them as well. 14 years ago, when we had just moved to Villa Victoria, I started asking around and asking my neighbors about where to take him and they recommended IBA, so I went and they took us in. Many teachers today were there back then, Principal Joanna, Miss Miriam, so when Ivana turned 2, I went over to see if they could take her.

What do you like the most about IBA Preschool?

What I liked the most is the way they teach children, the patience they have and the approach they have to everything related to the children. They teach them with a lot of patience and with a lot of love, I can see it. And I can see it, because when my daughter comes back home and I ask her how her day went, she always tells me "Great mommy, they taught me this and that ...". My son and daughter never came back home sad or saying they did not want to go back to school, the opposite, when they’d missed a day for any reason, they’d tell me "I want to go to school"! The approach the teachers use and commitment they have to help children are excellent. The ability to see into those tiny minds and help them channel things and prepare them for what’s coming in a “big kids’ school”, is what I have always liked about IBA Preschool.

What has been the biggest impact of IBA on your daughter? Have you seen any progress?

My daughter is very polite. I think that all the house rules and good manners are reinforced at school. She has corrected me, if I leave and don't say goodbye, "Mom, but you have to say goodbye." When we finish eating, she picks up her plate, cleans it and puts it away. She has some rules that she has brought to the house. I have shown her mine, but I see the difference from the ones she brings from school. She knows that, after finishing lunch, she has to take a nap and she does it on her own, she seeks to relax. "At school, they taught me I have to do things like this and that ..." and we find a way at home to continue with those. She is very calm, she’s always been, she listens a lot, she focuses very well, and I can see that, with the teachers, she was able to channel that in ways she couldn't with me. I honestly couldn't figure it out, but she started to change thanks to IBA Preschool.

What has the adaptation process been like for you and your daughter now that the learning went virtual?

In general, when we all started to stay at home it was very difficult to adapt, but at the school they were very prompt in contacting the parents, letting us know the children were not going to be able to attend because of what was happening, but they told us that they were organizing how they were going to communicate with the students. They always called me, they always asked me, "Maria, how is everyone, what do you guys need, everything is fine, how is Ivana doing?" The teachers connected with the children twice a day via Zoom. They did exercises, continued learning. Everything with its limitations, but at least the girl did not miss them that much. Every now and then she would ask me if she was not going to go back to school, it takes longer for children to understand what is happening. Everyone at the school was such an important support for parents and children alike, they really helped us cope with all this “new normal”. The stress of figuring out what the girl was going to do was minimized, they gave her homework, told her to cut out the names, papers, geometric shapes, it was a lot of help. The teachers were very well prepared and ready to collaborate with parents and children.

Would you recommend this program to other parents? Why?

I recommend IBA 100% and more, to all those parents looking for a preschool. The ambiance is very positive, the teachers are excellent, they are very professional, they know what they are doing, how to help the children. They teach them to grow confident, sure of themselves even though they’re still little human beings. I know that my girl acts in a very different way at home than when she is with other people. She listens even better because the teachers create a strong and respectful bond that, although kids have a strong bond with the parents too, it’s not the same. I recommend it 100%, they help children a lot, they help them channel all those emotions, they teach them how to prepare to get to a bigger school, and they reach that level of confidence and discipline by the time K2 arrives. These are very strong foundations for a child.

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