IBA’s music festivals: more than just a celebration

IBA’s music festivals: more than just a celebration

IBA’s Arts Program is responsible for organizing and promoting a diverse program of Lantinx cultural events, giving everyone equal opportunity to attend public exhibits, performances, and full-blown music festivals, like Festival Betances and the Tito Puente Latin Music Series.

These festivals not only bring joy to those attending, but they also attract visitors, which helps stimulate business in the area. They foster a sense of community pride, introduce people to new experiences, and strengthen relationships within our community and beyond.

“We need for the young kids to know what our culture is like.”

Janette Vega [Festival attendee]

This summer, after two years of no in-person events, we organized two very successful festivals, which affected local businesses positively. When new visitors come to a neighborhood, they create an economic impact that can mean the difference between a business staying open or closing down.

But probably more important to most Latinos in Boston is that these events develop and increase a sense of pride in one’s hometown. Celebrating Latinx culture promotes community pride and engages a cross section of people from diverse backgrounds across the city, and is the main reason we had packed performances all summer long.

“IBA’s helped us establish ‘estamos aquí y estamos presentes’

[we are here and we belong].”

Anastacia Correa

[Grand daughter of the founder of Villa Victoria’s community]

Additionally, these festivals can have far-reaching social benefits for attendees who are bound to learn something new in a hands-on, experiential manner and in the fun context of a celebration. Everyone leaves with new experiences, having met new people or maybe even having learned a new dance step or tasted a previously unknown food.

“For the younger generation like me who don’t get to go

to Puerto Rico, events like these are very important

so we can learn things about our own culture.”

Chiara [Festival attendee]

These are some of the reasons our Arts Program is vital to the community: We bolster our residents’ pride by showcasing their neighborhood and unique culture, and we deliver events that produce a sense of belonging, which, in turn, translates into people taking better care of their community as a whole.

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