Meet Our Early Education Program’s New Director: Arlene Ramos

Meet Our Early Education Program’s New Director: Arlene Ramos

It is with great honor that IBA introduces the new Director of our Early Education Program, Ms. Arlene Ramos. With more than 35 years of experience in childcare and a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Cambridge College, Ms. Ramos is a passionate educator who develops engaging programs that support young learners from an early age.

In anticipation of our Early Education program's upcoming Open House coming in April, we’d like to take this opportunity to share more about our new Director and her background.

An Integral Academic Philosophy

As she steps into this critical position at our Preschool, Ms. Ramos is especially excited about the opportunity to play a larger role in the community as a whole—and the timing couldn’t have been better!

Thanks to generous support from our funders, the IBA Early Education program will expand its capacity to educate up to 80 students, including infants and toddlers. Our recent Preschool upgrades, ranging from four more classrooms to a full kitchen and new parking, will also allow Ms. Ramos to organize community-driven events with far-reaching benefits.

By hosting fun family days and engaging workshops, Arlene hopes to “teach parents a variety of activities that will enhance children’s literacy skills and support our program’s mission to prepare students for Kindergarten.” She is eager to offer families extra resources and tools that will help boost the children’s success while strengthening our program’s core values to:

  • Support children’s socio-emotional growth

  • Develop bilingual literacy at an early age

  • Encourage curiosity and critical thinking

  • Set the foundation for cognitive reasoning

  • Strengthen fine and gross motor skills

The Value of IBA’s Early Education Program

After 15 years as a Professor at Urban College of Boston, Ms. Ramos felt ready to return to her roots as an early educator. She chose to join IBA’s Early Education Program “because of the program’s commitment to provide children with quality early education.” and the program’s mission to empower and engage individuals and families to improve their lives through affordable housing, education, and the arts.”

Named one of the top 25 school-readiness programs in Massachusetts, our school helps children ages four months to 5.5 succeed in a bilingual environment. Our progressive principles foster creative problem-solvers who will excel at school and will one day grow into valuable members of our society.

“IBA’s mission to empower and engage individuals and families” resonated with Ms. Ramos. As a holistic educator, she believes in institutions that “ improve the community-members’ lives through affordable housing, education, and the arts.” And with young children as our focus, IBA’s Early Education program is a valuable program that can help support the well-being of your entire family.

Join Us for Our Open House

Are you interested in learning more about the IBA Early Education Program? We will be holding our Early Education Program’s Open House event this April 2023 with more information to come soon !

During this special event, the community will have a chance to learn more about how Ms. Ramos’ leadership and hands-on approach will extend the program’s impact beyond the classroom.

If you’re looking for bilingual childcare in a diverse learning environment, this Open House is the perfect opportunity to tour our newly-renovated facilities, get to know our educators, and experience the warm welcome from our community.