Our FamIBA is running the Boston Marathon

Our FamIBA is running the Boston Marathon

This year, two outstanding athletes will be running the Boston Marathon to raise funds in support of IBA’s programming. Before they take on Heartbreak Hill, though, we wanted to give you an opportunity to learn more about their stories and the reasons they are running for IBA.

But before we begin: if you can, support our runners by donating to Richard’s run here and Fidel’s run here.

Fidel Maltez

Born on March 20th, 1983, in Managua, Nicaragua, Fidel is an experienced marathoner. He has already run five marathons, and will be running the Boston Marathon for the first time this year. He took up running after the birth of his first daughter in 2013. His main reason for running is because there is a lot of heart disease and diabetes in his family history, and he is committed to breaking this cycle for his family.
His best time so far is a 4:04 at a New Hampshire race, and his goal is to run the 2022 Boston Marathon in under 4 hours, although he’s heard how tough this Boston race can be.
Having moved to the U.S as a child with his mom and two siblings, Fidel knows first-hand how hard the life of immigrants can be in this country. He also knows how much work IBA does to help everyone get the opportunities they need to succeed, and that’s why he chose to support our organization and raise funds to help our mission.

Richard Marin

Richard started running thanks to his brother-in-law, who pushed him to try it out. He was surprised by how good he felt, so he decided to start training, and soon afterward, Richard ran his first race: Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon in 2015. After that first experience, he has run that race just about every year.
This year marks Richard’s 50th birthday, and as he wanted to give back to his community, he will be running his first full marathon supporting IBA. He believes lives can change when people receive the support they need, and that’s why he pledged to raise funds for our organization. For this, we are truly grateful.

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