This Earth Day, How IBA Commits Year-Round to Climate Friendly Initiatives

This Earth Day, How IBA Commits Year-Round to Climate Friendly Initiatives

In celebration of Earth Day, IBA is proud to highlight the green initiatives we prioritize across our housing portfolio year-round. Read below to learn about our climate initiatives for our community.

IBA’s Ecofriendly Choices

  • We use low-VOC paints across our residences to keep our residents safe and lower IBA’s carbon footprint.

  • When renovating our portfolio, we’ve moved away from carpeted floors to accommodate residents with respiratory conditions.

  • We use solar panels for energy efficiency.

  • We’ve recently installed higher R-value insulation across our affordable housing units, which contributes to a more controlled heating demand.

  • Renovated homes have energy efficient electric heat pump systems for heating and cooling.

  • Since the renovation of our Vivienda apartments in 2020, we have established ground water infiltration systems across our housing developments.

  • Our new community center, breaking ground later this year, is designed to conform to LEED Silver+ standards.

Why Are These Improvements Important to Our Community?

Over the last 20 years, IBA has continued to prioritize the comfort and wellbeing of our residents and reflect updated climate-friendly building standards in the renovation and construction of our affordable housing units. Updating the insulation systems of older buildings minimizes drafts and the fluctuation of indoor temperatures in response to rising and falling outdoor temperatures, reducing utility costs for residents. As more energy-efficient electric cooling systems are set in place, there is a lower demand for electricity, which benefits the environment.

The ground water infiltration system we installed across our housing portfolio also carries environmental benefits. With runoff and precipitation, the infiltration system stores water underground through an elaborate and innovative system, which means there is no water running into gutters and going through the city’s infrastructure. Essentially, this local preservation of water contributes to a healthier ecosystem for our homes and roads in the South End. Historically, the South End has suffered from the Urban Heat Island effect, and by preserving water in the local ecosystem, we help to offset this effect.

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